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The first mention about the village is from 1247 (Leuka). In 1443 it was possessed by the Libadi family, later, in 1532 the Nyáryis and from 1549 it belonged under the Ostrihom District. During the turkish wars it was nearly unpopulated. The inhabitants were skillful in agriculture and viniculture. Up to the present gathering festivities are well-known in this small village. The dominant of the village is the late-Baroque Roman-Catholic church from the second half of 18th century. The picture of Saint John the Baptist from 1882 overhangs the altar. An interesting construction is kindergarten from 1953. Nowadays there live around 500 inhabitants in Ľubá. In the village there is constructed quality infrastructure, duct, gas and cable. To the northeast from the village there extands system of four small water dams, used mainly by fishermen. They enrich panorama of village in tourist trade realm equally like vinicultural tradition above does.



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